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During the PA Secure Steering Group 15th meeting, the Finnish Ministry of Interior presented a new initiative,  aimed at organising the international cooperation within the PA Secure into separate, focused streams.  These streams called sub-groups could provide platforms where the experts, working directly within each of the priorities of the Joint Position on Enhancing Cooperation in Civil Protection…

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On 4th May 2021, the Steering Group of PA Secure gathered for its 15th meeting, which, due to the pandemic, was held online. Participants from 9 Baltic Sea Region countries were present at the meeting. The representative from the European Commission, Mr. Petri Koistinen (DG Regio) addressed the meeting with a presentation about the status of the…

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On 3  February  2021 the Policy Area Secure Steering Group met  in an  interactive session ,  held online .  The meeting included  participants from seven Member States  in the region ,  in addition to  the  CBSS  Secretariat  who chaired the  meeting.  The aim of the session was to facilitate the everyday work within international cooperation…

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PA Secure Steering Group 14th meeting

On  5 November  2020 , the   Policy Area Secure Steering Group  met for the 14 th  tim e , in an online format.  Despite not being able to meet in person, the meeting included 20   participants, from eight of the Member States in the region and the Union of the Baltic Cities…

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PA Secure Monitoring and Evaluation report complete

The Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat commissioned a report  “ An Evaluation of the Development and Effectiveness of Policy Area Secure 2013-2019 ” in order to assess the overall achievements throughout the entire PA Secure 2013 - 2020 period, and to work out the premise for formulating recommendations for the operation of…

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13th meeting of the PA Secure Steering Group

On 2  April 2020 via videoconference  the Policy Area Secure Steering Group met for the 1 3 th   time . Despite these chaotic and unpredictable times, the meeting included representatives from eight Member States  form the region,  as well as  the Union of the Baltic Cities (Safe Cities Commission) .    This was the…

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12th PA Secure Steering Group Meeting

On 26-27 November 2019, the Policy Area Secure Steering Group met for the 12th time. The meeting took place in Stockholm at the CBSS Secretariat’s premises. Representatives from the seven EU Member States form the region, Swedish Police and the Union of the Baltic Cities (Safe Cities Commission) took part in the meeting. Traditionally, the…

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