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Food Security and home preparedness conference: PA Secure and PA Bioeconomy joint initiative

The preparedness of the Baltic Sea Region for potential crises impacting food security was on the agenda at a hybrid conference in Riga, Latvia on 31 May 2024.   

At the conference, titled “Food Security Around the World with Regional, Local, and Individual Relevance”, experts and stakeholders addressed the crucial issue of food security amidst increasing global uncertainties.   More than 100 participants came to the meeting both on- and off-line. The topic is considered important in in Latvia – national TV featured the event in the news programme.

Food security, a key to national resilience, intersects with other challenges such as climate change, urbanisation, conflicts, natural disasters, and political instability.  

The conference highlighted these multifaceted threats and the risks they pose to sustainable living and healthy nutrition, calling for a collective approach to mitigation and preparedness. 

The conference focused on three main areas: 

  1. Planning and strategising: Experts focused on the development of comprehensive plans to strengthen food security, emphasising the need for proactive and coordinated efforts. 
  2. Land use and spatial planning: Sustainable land use practices were examined, highlighting the importance of integrating food security into broader spatial planning initiatives. 
  3. Regional, national and individual preparedness: The discussions stressed the necessity of preparedness at all levels, from regional frameworks to individual actions. 

The conference was organised by  PA Secure, in collaboration with PA Bioeconomy and hosted by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia. 

More about speakers and their messages: