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On 3 February 2021 the Policy Area Secure Steering Group met in an interactive sessionheld onlineThe meeting included participants from seven Member States in the region, in addition to the CBSS Secretariat who chaired the meeting. The aim of the session was to facilitate the everyday work within international cooperation for all Steering Group members through moderated exchange of issues, experiences, and solutions. Additionally, this format allows for more impromptu and non-formalised discussions – an aspect of interaction which is often missed in today’s pandemic-adapted online meetings.  

The meeting followed a format introduced in the last PA Secure Steering Group meeting in October 2020. The meeting, led by Andriy Martynenko from the CBSS Secretariat, allowed each participant to ask questions regarding ongoing issues or challenges with their everyday work and direct them to the entire group. These questions led to fruitful discussions, and the participants were able to share suggestions and solutions amongst each other.  The session included wide-spread topics such as discussions on various assessment methodologies, future events in the field of civil protection to visions and views othe role of BSR cooperation.  

The session resulted in many thought-provoking questions, as well as many ideas being shared. This format – once again – proved to be a good way of energizing the online meeting and encouraged for an active and stimulating discussion. 

As this format was considered successful for the second time around, it was agreed that PA Secure coordinators will continue to organise these meetings in-between PA Secure Steering Group meetings – which occur twice a year. The PA Secure Steering Group will meet for the 15th Steering Group meeting in the beginning of May – stay tuned!