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Lithuanian Seminar “Baltic Sea Region: acting together against nuclear risk”

On 26th November, the Lithuanian Chairmanship of the CBSS Civil Protection Network hosted the Baltic Excellence Programme (BEP) Seminar “Baltic Sea Region: acting together against nuclear risk”. The seminar focused on Information Management, Decision making and protective measures, and Recommendations to the public. The Lithuanian Chairmanship prioritises the question of nuclear risk and disaster prevention, since…

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What is Citizens for Safety?

Citizens for Safety is a working title for a flagship project, defined in the Action Plan as follows: Effective learning and exchanging best practices on urban safety through a local city network. The network fosters urban safety exchanges throughout Baltic Sea region on locally-developed know-how strategies, shares experiences, analyses functions and activities of municipalities and…

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Project Idea Formulated

One step further– in September 2013 the project partnership, that now consists of Gdansk Municipal Guard, Riga Municipality Police, Vilnius City Municipality, Tallinn Municipality Police, and Liepaja Municipality Police, formulated a project idea and applied for funding from the EUSBSR Seed Money Facility. The flagship project idea has been developed to identify safety and security…

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