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During the PA Secure Steering Group 15th meeting, the Finnish Ministry of Interior presented a new initiative,  aimed at organising the international cooperation within the PA Secure into separate, focused streams.  These streams called sub-groups could provide platforms where the experts, working directly within each of the priorities of the Joint Position on Enhancing Cooperation in Civil Protection Area would be able to meet and initiate cooperation activities.  The test meetings of three such sub-groups were held:

26 May – Meeting of experts working with the Joint Position Priority 4 – Increasing involvement of the local authorities and civil society organisations

4 June – Meeting of experts working with the Joint Position Priority 3 – Strengthening cross-sectorial cooperation in CBRN(E) preparedness

8 June 2021 – Meeting of experts working with the Joint Position Priority 6 – Supporting mutually beneficial interaction between research and practitioners

The participants in all three meetings concluded that such format is needed and agreed to organise a second meeting. A few concrete ideas for cooperation initiatives were developed: for example,  the CBRN experts agreed that the group should jointly seek funding for exchange of experts.

The sub-group initiative will be evaluated during the next PA Secure Steering Group meeting and if deemed successful, will be replicated in the other areas of cooperation.

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