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Gaps to Caps final report

The project started off with the question “Do we have the capability/capabilities needed to deal with the risks we are currently facing?.”  Final report on national capability assessments and risk assessments is published together with a survey among all project partners. This report gives an overview of relevant aspects of the civil protection systems involved, differences and…

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HAZARD is a project that brings together rescue agencies, relevant authorities, logistics operators, and established knowledge partners on key safety and security issues from seven BSR countries. The project aims to contribute to a better use of risk analysis and assessment by responsible actors and will improve the communication and operational capability in emergencies between…

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Why BRISK? Despite its small size, the Baltic Sea is one of the most heavily trafficked seas in the world.  Commercial and industrial shipping, particularly oil shipping, in the Baltic Sea has been growing steadily over the past years, increasing the risk of spills of oil and other hazardous substances­. Spills can have strong negative…

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What does BRISK do?

What does BRISK do? To put it simply, BRISK operated through four main aims. Providing a comprehensive risk assessment of pollution caused by shipping accidents in the Baltic Sea. Identifying gaps in emergency and responses resources for medium sized spills in all sub-regions of the Baltic Sea. Creating concrete pre-investment plans on how the Baltic…

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