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Students from universities in the Baltic Sea Region addressing societal security challenges in hands-on scenario-based workshops

What are the incentives for national authorities to cooperate around hazardous substances and is the participation for some conditioned on the exclusion of others? What role can volunteerism in fire-fighting and rescue operations play in making the inhabitants in the Baltic Sea Region more resilient? Is the idea of a special sense of belonging to the Baltic…

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The Development of 14.3 Training

14.3 Training 14.3 Training is created as a direct follow-up project from 14.3 which ran from January 2012 to June 2013. 14.3 was a flagship project within PA Secure which focused on developing scenarios and identifying gaps for all main disaster hazards, and the potential of such hazards, in the Baltic Sea region. 14.3 Training…

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How is 14.3 Training structured?

How is it structured? The project consists of eight countries and nine partners and runs for 24 months, starting in December 2013. The Council of the Baltic Sea States is the project’s coordinating beneficiary while tasks are led by the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

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And then what?

And then what? The completion of 14.3 is not the end of the road. The experience and knowledge accumulated throughout the project will be put to further use through From Gaps to Caps - a new follow-up flagship project under PA Secure. Are you interested in learning more about Project 14.3? Check out the 14.3’s website…

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Why 14.3?

Why 14.3? The effects of land based disasters are not set behind national borders- in fact they can have both direct and indirect effects across borders and regions.  It is therefore essential to address the risk of such disasters at a macro-regional level. That’s why 14.3 was created- to increase macro-regional civil protection cooperation in…

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What is 14.3?

What is 14.3? 14.3 is a flagship project under the EUSBSR that ran for a period of 18 months from January 2012 and addressed civil security and civil protection in the Baltic Sea region. The project covered wide-ranging aspects of civil security and civil protection, including both manmade and natural disasters Initially established under the…

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