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Behind the scenes of the Baltic Leadership Programme: Tine Weiss-Thorsoe, Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA)

  "We like having guidelines, but we prefer having non-binding guidelines"             international cooperation? "For me personally, in my job international cooperation means almost everything - because it is what I do on a daily basis. But also, I think that most countries in this group are small countries,…

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Behind the scenes of the Baltic Leadership Programme, Veera Mielikki Parko, Ministry of Interior, Finland

"International cooperation is now more substantive. I think this is really going forward and it should."    about international cooperation? "Our challenges are structural but also cultural, I think that people are having national minds and in that sense international cooperation is not as established in civil protection as it is in other areas. The EU cooperation in…

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Behind the scenes of the Baltic Leadership Programme, Charlotta Herrström, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), Sweden

"It is good to get out of the daily routine, to take a step back and see the bigger picture"   about the programme? "It is an important possibility to meet other people from around the Baltic Sea Region and to exchange ideas and experiences. Networking is good and to  have a face to countries we are working with - for me…

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