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Voices from the Baltic Leadership Programme – Adrian Bucalowski

The strength of the BSR region is very visible.


about the course?

It is good that the course combines both academic and practical perspectives and that we are touching on social media, on building the culture of safety in an organisation and an atmosphere for making improvements. Now I will think of my work not as a daily routine, where everything goes smoothly and there is nothing to change, but I will need more from myself and my colleagues.
I  feel that I got a long-term perspective and it became more mature.

international cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region?

The strength of the countries of this region is very visible. They are countries of big experience and big resources for mutual assistance.
We’ve cooperated with the BSR for a long time and we are definitely eager to cooperate further. 

 the road ahead?

I think we are mature enough in the region to shift the focus from crisis-response to prevention. There is still much room for improvement.
The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region could serve as guidance for our future work. A lot of good topics are also coming from different presidencies
 in the CBSS and also by their Secretariat – there are so many good things to work with in the future.


Adrian Bucalowski is a Chief Expert at the International Cooperation Department of the National Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Poland.