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Enhancing Disaster Readiness: PA Secure Showcases Macro-Regional Cooperation at European Civil Protection Forum 

PA Secure highlighted the significance of macro-regional cooperation in civil protection at the European Civil Protection Forum 2024.   In the session titled “Bridging the Gap between Local and EU Level Response: Regional Cooperation in Disaster Management”, PA Secure notably showcased how collaborative efforts enhance Europe’s disaster readiness, prevention, and response.  The session, and the common…

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Macro-regional cooperation: a vital need for societal security in the Baltic Sea Region

Interview with Professor Bengt Sundelius, Strategic Adviser to the Director General of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) CBSS Civil Security team met with Professor Sundelius to discuss the need for international cooperation in the field of civil protection, the examples of such cooperation and the future challenges for the Baltic Sea Region.   Bengt Sundelius is Professor…

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