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Why 14.3?

Why 14.3?

The effects of land based disasters are not set behind national borders- in fact they can have both direct and indirect effects across borders and regions.  It is therefore essential to address the risk of such disasters at a macro-regional level. That’s why 14.3 was created- to increase macro-regional civil protection cooperation in the Baltic Sea region.

The absence of a comprehensive map of civil security risks in a macro-regional context placed significant limits on the coordination potential of emergency responses- coordination which is essential for effective civil protection in an interconnected region. Despite the short time period of the project, 14.3’s goals were ambitious. The aim was to anticipate disasters in the Baltic Sea region by developing scenarios and identifying gaps for all main hazards, and the potential of such hazards in the region. With such action, the EU’s Community Civil Protection Mechanism’s ability to respond efficiently and swiftly to regional disasters is increased.


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