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Project Idea Formulated

One step further– in September 2013 the project partnership, that now consists of Gdansk Municipal Guard, Riga Municipality Police, Vilnius City Municipality, Tallinn Municipality Police, and Liepaja Municipality Police, formulated a project idea and applied for funding from the EUSBSR Seed Money Facility.

The flagship project idea has been developed to identify safety and security threats in the local environment with citizen participation.  The project will use survey feedback from inhabitants to address and strengthen the state of public security.

The survey results will be translated into several products allowing citizens to participate in local safety and security programmes.  This includes the electronic publication of survey results, a website with an interactive threat map, and a mobile device application. Thus, citizens will have a wide range of options for participation and influence on local public security developments, both through virtual platforms, such as online forums, and active participation programmes, such as neighbourhood watch.