About us

PA Secure addresses protection from emergencies and accidents on land, and is coordinated by Sweden and the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Secretariat. PA Secure, together with other 16 Priority Areas and 4 Horizontal Actions of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, aims to save the sea, connect the region and increase prosperity.

What is PA Secure?

Diseases, nuclear hazards, environmental accidents, pollution, and extreme weather resulting in droughts, floods, fires or storms. These are only examples of the numerous civil security threats faced by modern societies. These threats are of various natures- some are natural, other man-made, others even a combination of both.


PA Secure goes full cycle. This means that it is an inclusive Priority Area which touches upon all stages of civil protection- prevention, preparedness, response and restoration.


The new PA Secure represents Baltic Sea region cooperation in protection from emergencies and accidents on land. Development of an extensive approach toward land-based civil protection cooperation issues in the reviewed EUSBSR Action Plan reflects general trends in the region on macro-regional disaster management and prevention issues.

Network mapping in civil protection

Mapping civil protection in the region is an essential part of increasing civil security and strengthening cooperation and collaboration. By creating maps of civil protection networks and mechanisms we can provide a better overview of the status of civil protection in the region.


PA Secure is a new part of the EUSBSR, only coming into existence as a Priority Area during the Strategy’s Action Plan review in early 2013. Previously, land based civil protection had only been a part of one flagship project within Priority Area 14 of the EUSBSR Action Plan, adopted in 2009.

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