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The Design of the Programme

The Design of the Programme Baltic Leadership Programme was built in two modules: one in Stockholm and another in Brussels. Each module brings together 10-20 representatives from national and/or regional civil protection authorities from the EU Baltic Sea region Member States. Throughout the modules, discussions aim to provide participants with information about political settings and…

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And then what?

And then what? The completion of 14.3 is not the end of the road. The experience and knowledge accumulated throughout the project will be put to further use through From Gaps to Caps - a new follow-up flagship project under PA Secure. Are you interested in learning more about Project 14.3? Check out the 14.3’s website…

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Why 14.3?

Why 14.3? The effects of land based disasters are not set behind national borders- in fact they can have both direct and indirect effects across borders and regions.  It is therefore essential to address the risk of such disasters at a macro-regional level. That’s why 14.3 was created- to increase macro-regional civil protection cooperation in…

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What is 14.3?

What is 14.3? 14.3 is a flagship project under the EUSBSR that ran for a period of 18 months from January 2012 and addressed civil security and civil protection in the Baltic Sea region. The project covered wide-ranging aspects of civil security and civil protection, including both manmade and natural disasters Initially established under the…

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First Public PA Secure Event

The first launching event of PA Secure took place at the Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU in Brussels on 21 February 2013. The event, Impact of Macroregional Cooperation in the EU: What Leadership in Civil Protection Can Do? which included panelists from the Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU, as well as…

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