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Why BRISK? Despite its small size, the Baltic Sea is one of the most heavily trafficked seas in the world.  Commercial and industrial shipping, particularly oil shipping, in the Baltic Sea has been growing steadily over the past years, increasing the risk of spills of oil and other hazardous substances­. Spills can have strong negative consequences for the region- not only environmentally but also through decreased attractiveness, growth, and sustainability. Responding to a spill is an extensive task which tends to be beyond the scope of one single country. Regional cooperation therefore plays an important role if the risk and effects of such spills are to be properly addressed. That’s where BRISK comes in. BRISK was formed as a response to the environmental and safety challenges rising with the steady increase of ship navigation in the Baltic Sea.  As a mean of coordinating and improving the cooperation and preparedness of all states in the Baltic Sea Region, BRISK aimed to address these risks and reduce the environmental effects of spills.