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PA Secure is a partner in a new law enforcement cooperation project

The Swedish Police received funding from the Swedish Institute for an initiative focusing on strengthening the cooperation between law enforcement agencies in the region. CBSS Secretariat in its capacity of the EUSBSR PA Secure co-coordinator joined this initiative as a partner. The project, named Goldfinger, will help to develop joint operational capacities for law enforcement agencies in the Baltic Sea Region, by establishing a network of specialists who are proficient in external funding issues.

The reasoning behind the project

– There is no international network within law enforcement authorities cooperating on external funding and on connecting EU-calls to the needs of the member states in the BSR.

– The current lack of such a platform means that there is no overall picture in the Baltic Sea region, of ongoing cooperation taking place through external funding. Goldfinger would aim not only to give the authorities such a picture but also go one step further – establish a network.

– Through a more structured approach to international cooperation through projects as tools for development, joint actions, partner search, exchange of knowledge and experience on future calls for applications, it will enable all EU member states to secure more EU funds to further strengthen police cooperation in the BSR, both on a strategic level via ISF and Horizon 2020, and on an operational level.

Goldfinger Partners:

-Swedish Police Authority/NOA (lead partner)

– State Police of Latvia

– Regional Police Headquarters in Gdańsk, Poland

-Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat (as co-coordinators for Policy Area Secure in the EUSBSR)

Duration: August 2018 – November 2019

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