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Call for action – pilot project for institutionalizing research end-user cooperation

Once again a new project? Yes, but you can join!

This is a project to overcome the unnecessary gap between theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in the field of societal security! The 16-month pilot is funded by the CBSS Project Support Facility.

Project organizing team:

  1. Swedish Defence University
  2. UiT The Arctic Universityof Norway
  3. University of Lapland, The Arctic Centre, Finland

Researchers and end-users should benefit from each other

The project promotes more institutionalized cooperation between the variety of BSR end-users and stakeholder organizations, including societal security research institutions, sub-regional and local authorities as well as civil society organizations in cooperation with national competent authorities. The underlining philosophy is that this cooperation should be founded upon a mutual learning approach, generating a win-win situation for the involved actors.

From a project to practice

The project intends to develop a structure for a longer-term strategic practice, based on workshops every even year. This practice will draw upon the momentum generated by the biennial Baltic Excellence/Leadership Programme that occurs every odd year, but will be more concrete in terms of testifying the researchers’ ideas towards the needs of practitioners, and vice versa. The biennial workshop will include experts and practitioners from the local, national and regional authorities, private sector, and civil society, as well as the BSR societal security research network.

Join the focal group!

We are just in the beginning. In attempts to develop a long-term structure for a research end-user cooperation, a focus group will be used to identify current needs and relevant themes for a few shorter scenario-based exercises that highlight the major challenges in transboundary cooperation.

The focus group, together with the original participant institutions of the project, will further develop our approach in 2019-2020. Our short-term aim will be culminating in a pilot research-end-user exercise-based workshop in the autumn of 2020.

The focus group workshop will be organized on March 12-13 in Stockholm and the pilot workshop will be launched in the autumn of 2020. If you are interested in participating in our focus group and/or the pilot workshop, please contact Stephanie Young [] at the Swedish Defence University.

Workshop in the autumn of 2020

The scenario-based exercises will be broad enough to engage the interest of a wide range of stakeholders on different levels and from different sectors by presenting a series of severe dispersed events that occur simultaneously and are in some manner functionally linked, requiring transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation.

The end of researcher-end-user cooperation?

 No, this is just the beginning!