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As coordinators of PA Secure, we facilitate regional, cross-sectorial dialogue between experts, governmental agencies, NGOs, business and research institutions. We help  identifying needs and relevant funding sources for projects, that have macro-regional impact, and participate in some of them as contributing partners. We also make sure that the lessons learned from the projects, research results and expert opinions are shared as widely as possible and conveyed to the policy makers.

Policy Area Secure is governed by a Steering Group which was founded in 2013, and consists of members from all eight EU countries in the Baltic Sea Region, along with the Union of the Baltic Cities – Safe Cities Commission,  the CBSS’ expert group Task Force against Trafficking in Human Beings (TF-THB) and the Children at Risk unit at the CBSS Secretariat. The steering group meets twice a year to discuss priorities and strategic actions in the fields of civil protection and law enforcement.