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EUSBSR Priority Areas Secure & Crime merging to Policy Area Secure

Under the new structure of the EUSBSR Action Plan, which was adopted 16 June 2015, the now called Policy Area Secure includes additional elements of former Priority Area Crime, supporting more than ten flagships. The merge of the two priority areas now allows the Policy Area Secure to act in the societal security paradigm that covers prevention, preparedness, response to all sorts of threats, regardless whether their origins are natural disasters, man-made disasters or organised crime. This new PA Secure framework enables a comprehensive and coherent approach to reduce trans-boundary vulnerabilities and to build common capacities for societal security in the Baltic Sea Region. This holistic approach allows addressing a broad range of challenges, from civil protection to prevention of criminal exploitation and trafficking in human beings, as well as combating organised crime.

Since the well-being of citizens, respect for their fundamental rights and freedoms are set in the background of the whole policy area, all actions will be oriented to:

  • save human lives as well as protect physical and psychological integrity of human beings,
  • protect public and individual properties against destruction, serious damages or illicit transfer,
  • preserve vital public functions by protecting critical infrastructure.

All activities will be organised along two lines: addressing the human dimension of security and establishing efficient institutional mechanisms to tackle emergencies. These two threads will be duly reflected in four section of PA Secure:

  1. Strengthening capacity to respond and to recover from major emergencies and accidents: better risk assessment and crisis management.
  2. Build up resilience and prevention towards emergencies and threats at the local level.
  3. Enhancing effective cooperation in protecting human beings against criminal threats, including trafficking and exploitation.
  4. Prevent and detect seriouscrime through developing an efficient framework for law enforcement strategic and operational cooperation.


PA Secure has received Technical Assistance money from June 2015 and is currently recruiting for a Project Officer or Adviser to support the Policy Area coordinators with the implementation of the new EUSBSR Action Plan.