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CALL FOR PROJECT PARTNERS: Interactive Map of the Civil Protection Stakeholders in the BSR

Poland (SGSP – the Main School of Fire Service – coordinator and KG PSP – the National Headquarters of the State Fire Service) is looking for partners to participate in the Interactive Map
of the Civil Protection Stakeholders project.

The initiative is aimed at fostering networking between the civil protection authorities, academia, R&D centres and other relevant entities in the Baltic Sea Region, by promoting their areas of expertise, needs and contact details via an openly-accessible interactive map. In addition, a catalogue of the funding opportunities in the Baltic Sea Region will be accompanying the map, in order to facilitate initiating civil protection projects with the use of external funds.

The Project targets two of the CBSS priority areas –  “Safe and Secure Region” and “Sustainable and Prosperous Region”. It’s also in line with the priority no. 6  of the Action Plan on Enhancing Cooperation in the EUSBSR Policy Area Secure (Initiating projects as platforms for innovation and cooperation).

While the map itself will be technologically developed by Poland, are looking for partners that will join us in preparing methodology for a map promotion, choice and getting touch with stakeholders to be potentially listed in the map, and any other corresponding actions. We assume that the funding
of the initiative could be provided by the Project Support Facility, if relevant arrangements enable us to benefit from this instrument.

For more information and expression of interest, please contact:

Mr. Wiktor Gawroński (, (+48) 22 561 73 94),

and Ms. Aleksandra Kamińska (, (+48) 22 523 30 71).