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Priit Laaniste, Behind the scenes of the Baltic Leadership Programme, Ministry of Interior, Estonia

“Sometimes the smallest idea is the most useful”


about international cooperation?

“We have a saying in Estonian,  ‘to get stuck in a “frog’s pond’, meaning if you only swim back and forth in the same small pond –  you cannot really learn from that. So if you spend too much time in Estonia with your problems, without getting any new ideas – you can’t really come up with anything new. Sometimes the smallest idea from another country is the most useful, which you can actually adapt and go ahead to use in your own country.” 


main challenges?

“We have to be really smart on how to do more with less people and money. That is is always a challenge for little countries like Estonia. We cannot use traditional solutions that much in Estonia.We have to look at the public crowd partnership, our volunteers, our international agreements and civil military cooperation.”