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CBSS at UNISDR Advisory Meeting on the Regional Monitoring of the Implementation of the Sendai Framework

The CBSS Secretariat’s Senior Advisor for Civil Security, Janusz Gąciarz took part in the Advisory Meeting on the Regional Monitoring of the Implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, organized by UNISDR in Bonn on 25-26 September 2018.

The meeting gathered regional intergovernmental organisations from all continents to discuss the use of the Sendai Framework Monitoring System and to collect their needs and expectations for the monitoring and reporting of the Sendai Framework implementation on the regional level.

The key question discussed during the meeting was the need and conditions for the establishment of the Reporting of the Regional Implementation of the Sendai Framework. This issue was considered in connection with the incoming launch of the online Sendai Framework Monitor and the proposal to define and use custom targets and indicators at the national and regional levels.

This meeting was particularly important and timely since the Sendai Framework implementation will very soon reach a critical point when the first reporting obligations should be met, and a thorough evaluation of the progress should be carried out.

Mr Gąciarz provided the participants with an overview of the CBSS efforts to enhance the implementation of the Sendai Framework in the Baltic Sea Region. Among others he mentioned the inclusion of the Sendai Framework implementation as a strategic action into the Joint Position on Enhancing Cooperation in Civil Protection Area, work on projects focused on disaster risk reduction (14.3, From Gaps to Caps and CASCADE). Mr Gąciarz also highlighted that the Latvian Presidency of the CBSS is in the process of preparing an overview of Sendai implementation in the Baltic Sea Region, which will be presented at the European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction in November 2018.