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Voices of the Baltic Leadership Programme – Jürgen Krempin

Now I have new partners that I will be able to contact directly


about the course?

I know 8 or 9 people here already from the activities we have had before. However, it is always good to meet regularly and to strengthen our network. Here we can all bring our assets, our impacts – how we are dealing with, let’s say, cross-border incidents. This is absolutely fruitful also for our Gaps to Caps project, for example.

anything you will take home?

Certainly. There are quite a lot new refreshed topics I can bring back home, and of course I will inform the head of Hamburg Fire Rescue Service about the things we learnt here. For my daily work it is important because if there will be any problems to be solved in the future, I’ve got new contact points, new partners, and I will be able to contact them directly so that we are able to solve our problems together. 

international cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region?

We work very closely with our international colleagues to manage daily incidents. There are also many projects we have been involved in and we are applying for now. My colleagues from Hamburg visit our partner organisations, and so do we. 

Jürgen Krempin is Head of Department for International Cooperation at the Hamburg Fire and Rescue Service.