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Voices of the Baltic Leadership progarmme – Camilla Sieljaks

“The region has so many issues in common, it is natural to form collaborations”


about international cooperation?

At DEMA we work on a policy level with the EU and NATO and Nordic cooperation and of course also the CBSS. But given that the region has so many issues in common, it is natural to form collaborations with countries directly as well. 

about the course?

It is good to speak to people who are doing a similar job to mine, but in a different country. We have different organisations and different ways of doing things, so it’s a great added value to our daily work back in Denmark to hear the experience of others of others.

what will you take home from the course?

Just two weeks ago I took part in a National Crisis Management exercise, where we were starting up on the whole social media issue. So it’s great to get another perspective on that both theoretically and practically. I talked to my colleague from Estonia today who shared practical recommendations for communicating with citizens through social media. This is a great experience to take back. 


Camilla Sieljaks, Senior Adviser in the International Division at the Danish Emergency Management