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Behind the scenes of the Baltic Leadership Programme: Alo Tammsalu, Estonian Rescue Board

 “Looking back helps us to look into the future”

about international cooperation?

“I have been participating in different EU- and NATO courses. They have  given me a lot of contacts, which I have used to improve our systems. The Estonian system is quite new actually, and that is why we have tried to use others experiences and practices.” 

“These kind of courses and discussions are very important, in the exercises we are looking back:  What have we done? Have we been good at it and what kind of challenges we will have? This helps us to look into the future.”

 main challenges?

“Our challenge is that Estonia is a small country. That means that there are not many resources so everybody tries to be very effective. It also means that we are not very strong when something hits us, or something happens. That is why the partners are very important, we have to know what kind of resources our neighbours can help us with.”



Alo Tammsalu has been with the Estonian Rescue Board for over ten years and currently holds the position of Deputy Director General of the Board