In the project STAC-CBRNE (Strengthening the Transnational Capacity of the Management of CBRNE Agents related Emergencies), funded by the Swedish Institute, the partners identified common gaps and capability challenges in crisis management of hazardous substances in the Baltic Sea Region and developed a concept of “Treff” –  a large Baltic Sea Region CBRNE networking forum. The concept of the forum and establishment of an institutionalised network of CBRNE stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region was supported by the Directors General for Civil Protection in the BSR, during their 16th Meeting in May 2018.

The consortium, that emerged from STAC-CBRNE project,  prepared an application to finance a large scale cross-sectoral,  multi-level stakeholder networking meeting of CBRNE experts – Treff BSR-CBRNE. The application was submitted to DG Home (ISFP-2018-AG-CT-PROTECT) in January 2019.

The partners are expected to be informed of the EU Commission’s decision in June 2019. Check this page for news!