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Dear Friends,

The PA Secure team at the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Secretariat presents the second issue of the Newsletter in 2020. We would like to share some news with you on important developments in the EUSBSR Policy Secure Area (co-coordinated by the CBSS Secretariat and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB). This newsletter also provides a broader overview of key events (meetings, conferences, seminars and exercises), projects and developments within the fields of civil protection and law enforcement, regardless of the institutional affiliation of the actors involved. 

The pandemic continues but life goes on and we are as busy as usual coordinating the societal security cooperation around the Baltic Sea. Since the beginning of the year, we were extra busy, playing an active role in the EUSBSR Annual Forum organisation and kicking off two new projects. Our CBSS Civil Security team together with the CBSS Secretariat moved to a new office on Södermalm in Stockholm and welcomed a new General Director – Ambassador Grzegorz Marek Poznański, who is very dedicated to the societal security issues in the region. It was a busy time at MSB as well since many colleagues there are involved in the special organisation regime supporting the fight with COVID-19 in Sweden. We know that you, our readers, are also busy, so we will try to be short and to the point! 

 Wash hands and Stay Safe and Secure
PA Secure Team


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