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On 3-4 June the 16th BDF Summit and 5th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR took place in Turku, Finland as a part of the Turku Baltic Sea Days. During the event, PA Secure, together with HA Sustainable, organised a parallel work stream ‘Reduction of Risk and Improving Disaster Preparedness- Possibilities for Investment’. The work stream addressed disaster management and the use of investments in prevention, risk reduction and preparedness as a cost effective means to keep societal functions running and assure safety and health for inhabitants, with the aim to inspire future investments in this area, as well as further cooperation between the public and private sectors

The works tream’s panelists were Janet Edwards, International Coordinator at the Swedish National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Phillip Schmidt-Thomé, Project leader of ClimUrban, and Thomas Loster from the Munich Re Foundation, Germany. Comments were provided by Egle Obcarskaite, Priority Area Coordinator (PAC) of PA Secure, and Maxi Nachtigall Horizontal Action Leader for HA Sustainable.