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Final Conference of BaltPrevResilience in Warsaw

“In many countries the civil protection agencies are very efficient in both response time and prevention and yet still certain accidents don’t seem to decrease. We need to move beyond traditional approaches and have a more holistic perspective to resilience”
Professor Jerzy Wolanin, Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw


The final conference of BaltPrevResilience, a flagship within Policy Area Secure in the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR), took place in Warsaw on 5 and 6 November.

The background to the project is the large number of injuries and fatalities, caused by everyday accidents, in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) and EU. The goal of the project was to build a partnership that aims to prevent and reduce the consequences of such accidents. A key element in prevention and consequence reduction is the improved learning from accidents and disasters, preferably already from minor everyday accidents. The project has also started a process to achieve a common understanding of statistics, evaluation of experiences and sharing of evidence based knowledge and best practices.


“The local level needs to be involved to a higher extent and we must shift focus how to create the Resilient Citizen”
Kim Lintrup from Frederikssund-Halsnæs Fire & Rescue Service in Demark


The project has contributed to a better understanding on how to continue the development of everyday accident and disaster prevention policies, for both man-made and natural disasters. This contribution is of significant importance at local, national, Baltic Sea Regional and EU levels.

Coordinator/lead partner: Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Sweden (MSB) Beneficiaries: National Institute for Health and Welfare, Injury Prevention Unit, Finland (THL) Estonian Rescue Board, Estonia (ERB) Frederikssund-Halsnæs Fire & Rescue Service, Denmark (FHFRS) Main School of Fire Service Warsaw, Poland (SGSP) Jelgava City Municipality, Latvia (JCM) Karlstad University, Sweden (KaU).

Project BaltPrevResilience is co-financed by the European Commission’s Civil Protection financial instrument.