PA Secure supports the ResQU2 Project Platform “Enhancing the durability of learning experiences gained in ChemSAR, HAZARD, DiveSmart Baltic and Mirg-Ex projects on guidelines, operational plans and procedures and exercises related to incidents at sea and in ports”.

The ResQU2 Project Platform consists of four projects focusing on improving the fire and rescue services capacity to respond to accidents in ports and at sea. The HAZARD project focuses on accidents with harmful chemicals in ports (EUSBSR flagship under PA Secure), ChemSAR – on maritime search and rescue, while DiveSMART Baltic – on passenger ship accidents. The fourth project, MIRG-EX, trains response teams to manage incidents on board of ships. The aim of the ResQU2 project platform is to develop joint guidelines, procedures, and institutionalise frequent joint exercises.

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13th meeting of the PA Secure Steering Group

On 2 April 2020 via videoconference the Policy Area Secure Steering Group met for the 13th time. Despite these chaotic and unpredictable times,...

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Interreg BSR clusters projects to maximise the results

The Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme invited the leaders and core partners of the first...

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