Flagship Projects

List of ongoing Flagship projects. Click on the project for more details.

CASCADE   Community Safety Action for Supporting Climate Adaptation and Development

RESQU2 Enhancing the durability of learning experiences gained in ChemSAR, HAZARD, DiveSmart Baltic and Mirg-Ex projects on guidelines, operational plans and procedures and exercises related to incidents at sea and in ports

TFTHB Strategy 2018-2020 Task Force against Trafficking in Human Beings

Baltic Leadership Programme The Baltic Leadership Programme in Civil Protection

FIRE-IN The first European Fire and Rescue Innovation Network

Child Protection Comprehensive and sustainable child protection

ECoHuCy Enablement besides Constraints: Human Security and a Cyber Multi-Disciplinary Framework in the European High North.


Below are the latest news related to the Flagships

Why 14.3?

Why 14.3? The effects of land based disasters are not set behind national borders- in fact they can have both...

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What is 14.3?

What is 14.3? 14.3 is a flagship project under the EUSBSR that ran for a period of 18 months from...

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